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PoweredUSB in Other Industries

PoweredUSB is a natural fit for the retail point-of-sale peripheral market but we also believe that other industries could benefit from this connectivity technology. For example, there are many industrial control systems that are currently using USB as the interface method. These industrial controllers almost always have a separate power supply. They could easily benefit from PoweredUSB connectivity and eliminate their separate power supply and associated wiring.

In the gaming industry, new, high end, joysticks with force feedback mechanisms require a separate power supply in addition to their standard USB interface. Cost and weight could be reduced with PoweredUSB.

In the home, devices like CDROM drives and scanners that require more than 500mA could be powered by the host PC if equipped with an internal PoweredUSB connection or external PoweredUSB hub.

The PoweredUSB.ORG website will actively report on any PoweredUSB connectivity inside of the retail vertical market as well as in other areas that this technology can be utilized.

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